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I don’t own lots of perfume, my asthma/allergy won’t allow me to enjoy them. If I sprayed too much expect that I will be sneezing throughout the morning until the traces of perfume evaporated.

That is why my perfume are gifts, now I have four. Last Christmas, I received this.

From the bottle itself, it looks elegant. I didn’t know that Versace’s logo is Medussa. LOL I thought the image is just another drawn lady, like the mermaid of Starbucks. 

The person who gave this knows what scent suits a person. It is her second perfume gift and if I shall describe them, they are floral, sweet, fruity, and even citrusy. It’s like a mixed of those scents which makes fresh a not overpowering. 

Good thing about perfumes is they’re staying power is longer compare to colognes. They smell even better over time.

Sometimes, scents needs to jive with your body chemistry that is why some scents smell good on your friend and not to you. 

Experiment and you shall find your signature scent. 

What is yours?

Happy Sunday loves! 


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