Diana Stalder’s Painless Facial: No Pain. All Gain

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Hello Monday!

I’ve been stuck this morning in South Luzon Expressway and I was late for work. Before I open my In Design and get lost making the November – December issue of our newsletter I want to share my experience at the Diana Stalder Bloggers’ SPArty.

November 24 at the One Orchard Condominium I feel very honored to be invited to the Bloggers’ SPArty. Katipunan and C5 traffic was really bad and thankfully they were just having snacks when I arrived.



My first impression when I entered the Svelte clinic was it is so clean and it smells really nice. It smells like hospital, it’s like everything there is sanitized.

After eating I moved around and take some photos. IMG_7008


Hello Blogger Friends…

I saw their product display and my curiosity began “Where do they get their products?”



We were waiting for the others and Ms. Dina and Diana eventually we were led into a room and they started a very brief presentation.


Marketing Director, Francis showed us a short AVP about Diana Stalder. Diana Stalder is formerly known as Dermaline then they did some rebranding.

Diana Stalder was established in 1996. They have 18 corporate and franchise branches nationwide and they offer best skin care practices and new product discoveries that cater to the modern needs of skin care market.

What sets them apart among other skin care and wellness clinic is they manufacture their own products. They have a plant in San Pablo, Laguna and they even supply products to other clinics. They export to US, UK, Amsterdam, Singapore, Korea, and Bangladesh. (Filipino Pride).

Now they will launch the Painless Facial, they got the idea from men because they were the one who have low tolerance for pain. Unlike women who is willing to do almost everything just to beautiful men cannot bear nose and chin pricking. Ouch!

So what is Painless Facial?

It is a general facial procedure with desincrustation that allows a painless extraction experience. This procedure softens the sebum, relaxes the pores, remove dead skin cells, stimulates the blood, and produces alkaline reaction to the skin. The procedure will last up to 45 minutes.

The presentation is very short simply because “To see is to believe” so to let us see the actual Painless Facial Procedure the early birds – Ayzee, Joyce, and Mitchie, the early birds experienced this breakthrough technology.

Before heading to the Facial Room we had a quick tour.


Massage Room


Shower Room


Bed Accent



State of the Art Equipment


and the facial room

The procedure started with regular cleansing, scrubbing, and toning. Check out the animated photos of my model Joyce Sola (http://candyloveart2012.blogspot.com)

Joyce 1

According to them each step have designated number of strokes before proceeding to the next one.

Joyce 2

[Sorry Joyce you are my favorite]

After those they pull out this equipment.


And you will ask to hold to this metal rod.


This is Mitchie’s hands btw.

Two minutes positive charges and then eight minutes negative. They used 5 mA of electricity and you will feel a tingling sensation, see flashes of light, and taste metal on your mouth.

They raffled off three gift certificates worth Php1,000 of products/services.

*drum rolls*

I WON!!!

Along with Ana and Eya.


Ms. Dina and Diana arrived.


Ms. Dina look so young and Diana younger. You will see in their physical appearance that they take care of their skin well (or maybe they were born with it).

She asked us to leave the three girls to rest and we headed to the previous room and have chit chat. They are all down to earth and very accommodating. 

Since we are just few Ms. Dina offered everyone to try the Painless Facial. Weee she is so generous.   

So it’s our turn and the picture taking disappeared. hahaha


I used my front cam to document my facial experience.


What can I say???

It feels so good and the therapist hands were very light. I have regular facial and this one is exquisite. The attendants were very friendly and funny too.

Although extraction still hurts as I have breakouts now (lack of sleep and dirt) my face feel lighter than ever. I touched my nose and it’s so smooth.

I have a high tolerance for pain so the electricity is nothing except that I felt that I have a spoon inside my mouth. It tastes weird.

My favorite is this Casmara Mask.


I found out that I have uber sensitive skin. What is more cool about this? You can take it home and use the other side (the shiny side).


We finished around 9:00 pm and just like the usual after facial instructions, we were not allowed to wash our face.

I feel rejuvenated.

I took home these.


Papaya Kojic Soap, Oil Control Toner, SPF 15 Sunblock, and the SBF Collagen Cream

Thank you Diana Stalder for having me. I learned a lot regarding skin care. I should stay out of the sun and drink water.

More photos…


Me and Aya (www.codenameaya.com)


Eya (www.eyahnism.com), Genzel (www.genzelkisses.com), and Aya (www.codenameaya.com)

Hope everyone is doing good today.


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