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They say women often do something to their hair when something is bothering them. I have to agree to that but I never tried cutting my hair really short because I might regret the result. I opt to change the color instead.

The last time I had my hair dyed was December 2011 the color faded already and black hair doesn’t suit me (base on my own wicked judgment). I want to color my hair so bad so I scanned the hair color section of Watsons and check some DIY hair dyes.

I read about Etude Bubble hair color and wanted to try it but it’s always out of stock.

Richenna Hair Color

So when I saw Richenna Bubble Color, cute box, same bubble type, I read the label and put it in my basket. It has three variants (color) available – Light Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, and Natural Brown [I hope I am right, haha] knowing my hair reaction to color I bought Light Blonde.



It is made in Korea and obviously the description is in Korean.


Thankfully it has English description as well.


The kit contains:

  1. 1 Bottle of Colorant 50 g
  2. 1 Bottle of Developer 50 g
  3. 1 Mixing Bottle
  4. 1 Pair of Gloves
  5. 1 Sheet of Cape
  6. 1 Sachet of Richenna Conditioner


The instruction said that a allergy test should be conducted first but I didn’t do it. (stubborn me) So I immediately mixed the ingredients and shake, shake, shake.


The bottle is made to create a foam. You have to pump it 3 – 4 times to get the product and you apply to your hair just like shampooing.

Since it had transformed into a foam the product doubled its volume. My hair is three inches above the waist and it was covered completely. 
Richenna Application

 The instruction said to leave it for 20 minutes then retouch the roots and leave it for another 15 minutes. What I did was to extend for another five minutes and massage it whenever it’s itchy.

I read a good book while waiting.

So what can I say?

  • The price is reasonable PHP350, it’s the minimum charge of hair dye in regular salons.
  • The instruction is easy to follow and all the precautionary measures are emphasized.
  • Can be messy.
  • The color result variation is included. You will not be disappointed if your hair didn’t turned out to be blonde like the swatch.


  • The smell of ammonia/hydrogen peroxide is REALLY strong. You should really be in a ventilated area while using this. It’s stronger than the usual.
  • I didn’t like the plastic cape because it’s too thin and divided into half, I didn’t use it at all.
  • Once you mix the solution you cannot store it and use it in the future. Some gas may form says the label.
  • I had a lot of hair fall when I rinsed the product. I think my hair is thin now, not alarming for me though.
  • The conditioner is sticky so I conditioned my hair again using my own conditioner.
  • The smell remain even after you rinse it which is normal. I hope it will be gone next time I washed my hair.

Will I used this again?

Yes. The next time will be better because I know now how to properly use it. I will use this whenever my hair needs some coloring but I am willing to experiment using other products.


To get even color and professional look I suggest to let someone do it or manage a trip to a salon. Professional colorists know better.

Who tried this? How was it?



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