ELF 85 pieces complete the look palette (Swatches & Review)

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This is the first time to feature one of my palette. This is my third palette actually I have two palettes from Dollface (I will blog soon).

Like what I mentioned in my previous posts I got this before I went to Cagayan De Oro.

Let’s take a look of the product.

ELF 85 pieces complete the look palette

ELF 85 pieces complete the look palette

For me this is cheap because it contains 60 e/s, 20 lip glosses, 3 blushes, 2 bronzers for only Php899.75.

ELF 85 pieces complete the look palette

ELF 85 pieces complete the look palette

The packaging is sleek. The cover is clear, you can see the products immediately.

ELF 85 pieces complete the look palette

Most of the colors are neutral suitable for medium to fair skin. Each column can give you the look you want to achieve. From Hollywood Pin up to Smokey Eyes.

eyeshadow swateches ELF

Check out the e/s swatches above.

Combination of sheer, matte, and shimmer. Although some colors are not pigmented as others, they are surprisingly buildable (especially when you use primer). It has beiges, browns, blacks, greys, pinks, purples, greens, and blues. The shimmery e/s are the most pigmented. 

I like this because I can bring it to travel and I can create various looks depending on my mood.

As for the lip glosses.

 eyeshadow swateches ELF

Some colors are similar to one another. I wonder how am I going to retouch my lips without bringing the entire palette. The pigmentation depends on your natural lip color. It’s not even a gloss I think, it has similar formula to their luscious lipstick – creamy.

ELF Bronzer / Blushers

The matte bronzer appears to be dark on my skin. It’s more of the color that you will put on your brows rather than on the hallows of your cheeks. If you have dark skin color maybe it will be okay.

The shimmer bronzer is great to highlight my cheeks but I will not use it for contour nor color because it’s dark also.

As for the blushes, the peach don’t match my skin tone and the lightest color is literally light. It’s like I didn’t put anything at all.

The pink blush is okay. I can use it often it gives me a healthy flush.

If you don’t have ANY palettes yet and you want to have one, I suggest you get this one but if you have tons already you can say pass.

This palette is great for starters and makeup addict like me. And for travelling of course Smile

I will try and post FOTD using this one.

What are your thoughts about this post? Let me know below.



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