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Last November 22, 2013 I was one the lucky bloggers who received an invite from Because, Inc. for an afternoon bonding with other bloggers.

Because Inc

French Dessert

I arrived a little early because my office is just two blocks away from their headquarters. When I reached the loft I saw Joey, Julia, and Kumi chatting away and Erica, Ann, and Pie greeted me as well. I love the heart steps that lead from the stairs going to the door.

While waiting for the others we were served mouth-watering hors d’oeuvre with french desert on the side. When almost all the bloggers showed up they started the program.

Mr. Terry Scott gave a short opening remarks for all of us followed by the Saforelle presentation from Mr. Bruno Lerai and Mr. Vinchi Sy-Quia.


Saforelle-bruno lerai

Vinchi Sy-Quia


After this segment the floor was opened for Q & A followed by an icebreaker. We did a mini quiz bee where all trivia questions were France/French related as Saforelle were from France. I will tackle more about Saforelle when I review it in a separate post.

We then proceed to The Cream Factory presentation by Mr. Rics Pascua. IMG_1542

Rics Pascua


After introducing the goodness of goats milk infused with botanical extracts our memory was tested with another icebreaker. This time I joined so I don’t have a photo I thought my nose is as good as the dog but I am wrong,  Celline and I got 8 points.

We get to try all the variants of the Bath Cream… IMG_1543

…. And the scrub as well. WE ARE THE FIRST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO TRIED THE CREAM FACTORY SCRUBS. I have to put emphasis on it because it’s something to be proud of. LOL Scrub in a tub

After which we did a little brain storming on how we bloggers and Because can work as partners and let the Philippines about their amazing products. I already indulged myself with these products and believe me… It’s like having a spa in your own bathroom.

I admire the visions of Because (because) they believed that consumers should not be boxed with one product only. We should have a wide array of choices, we should not be dictated by products because they are the only available product in the market.

And to date, the Because team is the most friendly team I met. They are eager to know and cater to their needs, they listen.

I am excited for their upcoming activities where all of you readers can experience their amazing products.

More photos….

cream factory

the cream factory

scrub in a tub

Celline Reyes - Raych Ramos

I was with Celline and Raych that night.

We went home with this bucket!


I will show you what’s inside in my next post.

If you have tried or using Saforelle or The Cream Factory let the world know by simply tagging them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


Did I say they are super creative too?

I hope you enjoyed reading my post as I really enjoyed the event. Thanks for having me Saforelle and TCF until next time.

xx Sammy

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