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Pleasant morning to all!

I have another FOTD with tips this time on how to put eye shadow if you are just starting to learn eye makeup using one color family with four different shades.

I used this product.


This is from AVON I believe the quad has new look now and I got it last December. My dad is working in AVON for 25+ years and every December they receive a loot bag full of AVON goodies and all the makeups are mine. So basically that is the reason why I am “a little” addicted with makeup. (I will share the blessing by making a giveaway this Christmas, sounds good?) Winking smile

Anyway enough introduction here’s the makeup I came up with.


I only used ELF tone correcting concealer for the entire face and SANSAN loose powder.  I was surprised with the results.

Please refer to the photo of the quad above 1 – 4 from left to right for the procedure.

  1. Swipe #2 on the entire lid followed by
  2. # 3 for the crease
  3. Apply # 4 on the outer v
  4. and then # 1 for the brow bone and inner corners

Very easy right? The secret of applying eye shadow is blending. We do not want to have bold streaks of color on how we have applied the eye shadow.

The lightest color is for highlight while the darkest is to create depth.

The medium shade is for the entire lid.

For starters, it’s safe to start with two colors first then gradually you can mix different colors – entire lids then crease.

This rule mostly apply for everyday and special occasions makeup ~ LID | CREASE | OUTER V | BROW BONE. We can go crazy when we do creative eye makeup we can break the rules to create a very marvelous look.

As for the color we don’t usually use green for everyday look but hey it’s nice right? very wearable. So maybe ditch your browns and peach for a while and wear green, support the environment stop cutting trees use green eye shadows. Open-mouthed smile

By the way my Lipstick is from Avon also I forgot to jot down the name but it’s from the Simply Pretty line.

I hope my basic knowledge on putting my eye shadow somehow helped you.


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