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Hello Monday,

I am so restless. I slept around 3 am and woke 05:55 am, I do not know why. I am not sleepy though.

I just want to show you my look yesterday before attending the Sunday Mass.

Make up Idea - Pink

This photo was taken from my cellphone and once again under my bedroom lamp shade. I really miss the sun. I decided to put it in grid to save space. haha My hair was still wet and I haven’t comb it properly. BF took so long to arrive that is why I had time fixing myself.

Here are the products I used.

  • Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream
  • Elf Tone Correcting Concealer
  • Elf Eyeshadow Primer
  • Dollface 72 Vanity Palette – Matte Pink & Brown
  • Revlon Brow Fantasy
  • G-lish Tickled Pink Colour Pot
  • Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick – Off Beat Pink

I am skipping the steps part now cause it’s hard following instructions when reading and besides nobody asks how to do it. hahaha It is just text heavy for a post.

I named this look Roses & Chocolates because pinks and browns goes along very well for an eye makeup AND roses & chocolates in real life SHOULD be given together. hahaha

Although the brown was not totally seen here, I put it on my crease.

Here’s the high resolution photo from my camera.

Make up Idea - Pink Eyeshadow

The concealer and BB cream do wonders for a Sunday chill. Skipping foundation to make my skin breathe more.

Have a good week ahead everyone!


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