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If you’re fighting what seems to be a losing battle against signs of aging like wrinkles, you shouldn’t give up yet. There are ways to turn back time a bit, at least where the appearance of your skin is concerned. One such option is to go to your local skin care clinic and have a Dermaroller procedure done, but first you need to know not just what Dermaroller is, but also what causes skin issues in the first place.

 Hormone Drops Can Make Skin Look Worse

When people are young, their bodies produce a lot of natural hormones and substances that protect the skin. Some of them include elastin, collagen, and Human Growth Hormone (HGH). If you are older, your body still produces those things, but in much smaller amounts. As those amounts drop, fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes can easily pop up seemingly out of the blue with no warning.

 Exposure Can Also Create Skin Problems Over Time

Another issue that can create or contribute to skin problems is exposure of one sort or another. That could be exposure to harsh weather, cold temperatures, the sun, harsh chemicals, smoking and other negative influences that we can all encounter throughout our lives. One way to reduce the chances of skin problems as you get older is to try to avoid exposing it to too many negative things, but some skin damage can’t be helped.

How You Can Fix That Skin Damage
One popular option for treating skin damage is with a cosmetic laser, but lasers aren’t always the best choice for every single person. In fact, they can be particularly bad for those with oily skin. That’s why it’s always important to explore other options as well, and one of those options is Dermaroller treatment.

How Dermaroller Procedures Repair Skin Damage

Dermaroller procedures repair skin damage by causing skin damage. That might seem strange, but it’s true. A Dermaroller is a device covered in small needles. As your technician rolls the device over your skin, tiny holes will be poked through one or more of your skin’s layers, causing the skin to bleed and ooze temporarily. That might seem bad, but your body’s response to damage like that is to start making more healthy hormones again to repair that new damage. In the process, some of the old damage will be fixed as well.

 Dermarollers Are Not All the Same

Just remember that not all Dermaroller devices are alike. Some have longer needles than others. That’s because they are designed to treat issues that run a little deeper below your skin’s surface. You and your clinician can discuss a treatment plan and a needle type based on the type of skin problem you want to correct. You should also be aware that you have the option of just buying an at-home Dermaroller kit and treating yourself. However, you’ll never get the same results at home as you would in a clinic environment. You also might have an increased risk of skin infections at home, if you don’t follow the directions that come with the Dermaroller device properly. That’s why many people opt to have the treatments done in a professional setting.


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