Hiatus: New Doors

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What’s up?

It’s been a long hiatus for this blog. Aside from the hosting expiration which took me time to restore I’ve entered a new world.

Months back I thought I have found the path I wanted to take. For months, it became harder I became sadder. One day a chat changed my daily schedule once again.

I was asked yesterday if my reason changed after more than 60 days of being there.

It did.

The Challenge

So I am once again a part of a start-up company not offline marketing anymore but executing the entire mind map I could never imagine.

Why is it a challenge? I need to experience a discovery in order for me to succeed.

The Wins

Every battle is unbelievable — staff, vendors, branding… anything that you can imagine.

I thought I won’t last but hey I am still breathing.

I am tested. I passed (thanks to my dedicated team).

I grow.

The Losses

This experience unveils the other side of the rainbow you never knew existed. It was a pot of gold, yes, but it is in a muddy puddle.

If I may quote Francis Kong:

I have been in battle with people over values and principles. What I have learned is that I need to be selective about the battles I fight. For certain people to battle them constantly is inconsequential no matter how much truth you present. Some times we need to conserve our energy and use it on more productive endeavor.

It sucks but you need to offer deeper understanding and wish the battle well.

More Wins

At the end of the day, it is who you become after all the unwanted, unpredictable, instances happened will matter.

If you should be in a different setting by now maybe it is meant to be.

I am beyond grateful for the angels who make my world a heaven each day.

Cheers for better days.


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