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My first Facebook Live at #CherryMobileLive

Hooray for this #CherryMobileLive Guesting! I have always said yes to some things that led me to something good. Take for an instance my wedding coordination stint, I have done events for five years when I received an inquiry about a wedding. I said yes and the rest was history.

My former colleague asks me if I am available for a Facebook Live shoot last 31st May and I said yes. Since it is June, the topic is Wedding Planning. According to myths, if you marry in June, your marriage the Goddess of marriage Juno will bless your marriage.

It was a fun day, I met new people and shared my wedding experience with everyone.

Weddings in the Philippines

The truth is I just found out about the myth during the real shoot. Based on experience most weddings in the Philippines happened during summer and December. Summer, although it is hot and humid in the Philippines, air conditioning is easy to solve compared to floods. December because it is Christmas and for families living or working abroad can take a vacation to attend the celebration.

Marriage happened in all sorts of reason. You will hear stories of fixed or forced marriage, then we have this settling down when you feel you’re ready.

I am lucky to experience the latter. Come to think of it, how can you live the rest of your with someone you don’t love? It’s easy when you get to fall in love after some time but what if you won’t then you might need to end that relationship than to force things. I remember Lily Collins’ speech in her movie Love, Rosie, one of my favorite movies because of the feels you could get. I am quoting it if you have not watched it and you must.

Choosing the person that you want to share your life with… ls one of the most important decisions that any of us makes. Ever. Because when it’s wrong, it turns your life (to) grey.

Taking out all the seriousness in this post. At the end of the day to marry or not as long as you are happy and content everything will be okay.

Wedding Planning with Cherry Mobile

It is fascinating where technology can take us now. Planning a wedding have changed throughout the years, from cutting pieces from a magazine of your dream wedding dress to actually saving it to your phone. With smartphones now, we can get to get access to tons of mobile apps that would make our planning easy. When I say easy, at least not become overly stressed with the details.

For starters, you can download Pinterest for the endless ideas of wedding themes, decor, favors, and dresses. You can also maximize Google Sheets to check your wedding progress and easily share it with suppliers. You can also download messenger apps for group updates and even specialty apps for wedding photos.

#CherryMobileLive Video

Here is the video of the episode from #CherryMobileLive. I did not talk about the things I mentioned above but hope you will learn some tips on wedding planning. It is also my first time to do this so please be kind.

I am thinking of sharing more wedding tips in this blog. Any topic you have in mind?


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