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I have another giveaway for you!!! Many of us blogger is giving this away which means you will have more chance of winning if you really want to have this. I tried to  upload this giveaway but the internet connection is crazy so here.


I am giving away one (1) Belle De Jour Power Planner to one (1) lucky winner. I am obsessed with planners ever since my school issued one when I was in college after graduating I seek nice planners at the bookstore where I can jot down mostly my schedules and thought of the day.

Last December 2011, I asked my Facebook friend what planner I should get. I do not like the Coffee Shop planners as I need to collect stickers and throw away more money than actually buying the item.

My friend suggested Belle de Jour. I’ve seen it so many times but was hesitant to get it because it was expensive but when I learned they accept PayPal payment I bought it. My 2012 has been wonderful because of the planner, I wrote my wishes, my visions, and the to do’s for the whole year and I was able to accomplish 90% of it.

I also gained friends, other Bella because of the different event they have for us. I was also introduced to their new products and I learned a lot.

I bought 2013 and 2014 planners and I am looking forward for more planners.

Here’s why I like #BDJPlanner – in random photos.

BDJ Planner_Special Pages

It has special pages aside from the main calendar page.

BDJ_Dream Board

Dream Board where you draw and write your dreams.

BDJ Checklist

Checklist, where they have good deeds that you can actually do throughout the year.

Focus / Finish

Focus / Finish

Health BDJ

Menstrual Tracker to track down your period.

Vacation Planner

Vacation Planner

Gift Tracker

Gift Tracker


Worth reading articles

and a lot more…

This BDJ  planner aims to make you more organized and engaged with your life, aligning all aspects in one line.

Plus, the design is very girly and attractive too with Php40,000 worth of coupons!!! What more could you ask for?

I am sure you want to have this planner so for the mechanics all you have to do is to:

  1. Answer the question by leaving a comment below: How will you #Jumpstart2014?
  2. Like DISHYSAMMY and Belle de Jour Power Planner on Facebook
  3. Follow @dishysammy and @BDJBuzz on Twitter and Instagram
  4. Subscribe to +DISHYSAMMY and BDJPlanner on YouTube
  5. Share and Tweet this giveaway using the share buttons below. Do not forget to tag our accounts.

The winner who answered the best and who followed the mandatory tasks will be the winner. This giveaway will run starting tonight until December 27, 2014 and is open internationally.

Good Luck!

xx Sam

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