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It’s been a while since I last dine in Trinoma’s food choices. I was with my beauty bff Katleya and she was dead hungry after helping me putting together a week’s outfit.

When we saw Manam Express she exclaimed how delicious their food. Without second thoughts I agree with her and we ordered our dinner.

For only P149 you can have your complete Filipino meal – rice, viand, vegetable, sauce, & soup; drinks are add-ons.


I chose, garlic rice – bagnet (deep fried pork) mangga at kamatis (green mango salsa) – spicy vinegar.


This is like your home kitchen cooking level 100. This is the tastiest garlic rice I’ve tried and the bagnet is delicious, although it is more like a pork chop compared too the original bagnet in Ilocos. The soup is sinigang but different variant, I am not sure if it is tamarind or it is a wood bark.

The mango salsa is heaven. The condiment should not be vinegar, a liver gravy would be perfect for this.

Now I found a new place to eat. The serving size, and the taste exceeded my expectation from its price.

I shall return!

Later would be another food adventure so expect another post of mouthwatering goodness!


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