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It is true that when God closes the door he always open a window. I proved that while chatting with Mr. Joselito Syliongco, he was laid off from his work in the United States and one thing came to his mind — business, and it’s gonna be food.

Jeepney Bistro was originally from Arizona, USA, since 2004 they are catering to the Filipinos there. You know us, we all love food and it brings back memories. As a matter of fact, it is the longest running restaurant in AR, they even became the jet setter because other players started restaurants too.

When Mr. Syliongco finally dreams to retire he went back to the Philippines last year and poof! The first ever Jeepney Bistro was born.

Originally they planned to build Jeepney Bistro in Tacloban, Leyte but because of Typhoon Yolanda they changed the plan. Luckily they were able to spot a place in Katipunan, Quezon City.

Now they serve students from Ateneo, Miriam, and CCA. They are located just around the corner of Mcdonald’s.

Since the place is spacious they maximized it by adding two more concessionaires which they also own. It’s 3-in-1 food stop.

You have Jeepney Bistro for your Filipino Fix, Civeche for a mexican snack and all day margaritas; and Q Coffee & Tea Box for your chill.

They even have a small function room for exclusively for bigger groups.

Let us tour the place.

They have space outside for smokers and spill overs.


Inside has a rustic feel to it and they are of the turo-turo in a classy way.


As for the food, we had the chance to taste their specialties and best sellers.


They lean towards to the Visayan ways of cooking to introduce to the ManileƱos.





The native chicken in coconut milk is to die for. It is very rare to find native chicken in the metro.

The lechon paksiw is quite different. There is no liver sauce, it was cooked in vinegar.

The kinilaw na tanigue, I can’t find a word to describe it because it is my favorite. Though it is not that spicy.

As for the lumpiang shanghai, it is filled with stuffings and not just fried wrapper.

Let’s go to the Mexican food choices.





I wasn’t able to get the exact name of these fajitas and burritos but if you want to try something different and flavorful this is perfect.

Finally, the coffee and other beverages that they offer in Q Coffee and Tea Box.





I love everything about their coffee. They created the perfect blend for coffee, not bland, not strong, definitely not rancid — PERFECT! Their concoctions are unique too. I would suggest to try their minty toffee cappuccino.

As for the tea?


They are served in royalty. The bonkers in Ginger Peach tea calm my rowdy tummy.

Jeepney Bistro is indeed the place to chill, dine, and study.

I would like to thank my friend, Aldous ( for inviting me over.

Until next food trip fellas,


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