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“Growing up I would always see my Grandmother put on all her Dior cosmetics & skincare on her and would always, always look good each day. I will never forget when she told me to always look your best no matter what the occasion is. She’s like that, she’s always at her best! Before the day starts and even before sleep time she would still look her best. I think my love for make up was greatly influenced by her and how I treat my clients. My grandmother told me to give the best cosmetics & skincare on your face, why? It’s your face! It’s the first thing people notice on you so don’t let a bad makeup or skincare mess it up, which of course I still apply up to this day on myself and definitely with my clients” – Toni Rodriguez

I met Toni in college (I call her ate Toni) she speaks English very fluently and when I saw her in class, she’s really a suitable to be a mass communication student. I want to be that spontaneous I said to myself, I was a freshman then and she was a junior.

Then I got involved in Theater too, I once was a fairy in a play – Midsummer Night’s Dream starring ate Toni and then we bond. She’s very funny and down to earth. I will never forget her nine west story while she was walking in Malate, Manila.

When she left the school I was the one doing lead roles by then and indeed theater is influential for you to develop deep fascination in makeup.

Social Networking site gave way for us to be connected again and she is now a full time professional makeup artist.

I super love her work because they are all very elegant, especially her bridal makeups, and she enhances the natural beauty of her client.

Here are some of her works…

I even told her that I want her to do my wedding (with big discount) LOL.

She also does creative makeups too.

I believe that the artist’s personality shows up in their works. There are a lot of Makeup Artist in the Philippines and you can spot their uniqueness.

This is one of my favorite…

Very natural, right? and very clean. 

This year she opened her makeup studio in Kapitolyo, Pasig and she’ll conduct makeup workshops to bring out the makeup artist in every Filipina.

I am one the excited person who wants to attend it. She does makeup so well to the extent that you will be inspire to be a makeup artist as well. When she asked me about it, I told her that I am more comfortable writing about it and doing it to myself and close friends. Weird me, oh well…

To know more about Toni Rodriguez…

You can watch her introduction video here and reach her through the following clickable below:


Follow her on Instagram & Twitter : @tonicolline

For Business Inquiries,

Contact +63 917 494 99 72 or email

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