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Hello everyone,

This is an overdue post I received my sunglasses last month just in time for my Boracay trip. Firmoo was very generous to send me a pair. I learned about this through Momi Jess, my mentor.


I was not expecting this package that is why I was smiling from ear to ear when it’d arrived. It also has a letter.


As stated in the letter they sent me a different pair. I was looking for the wayfarer with leopard print on the frame but they sent me this.


What made me smile is that they knew my favorite color. Maybe because of my site all purple. Winking smileI actually submitted my other blog Ramble & Relish.

As for the sunglasses, they’re gorgeous. It’s not the type of sunglasses where the road changes its perspective when you walk wearing it.

And what is special about their sunglasses? You can have your pair with prescription. I know some people do not wear sunglasses at all because of their poor eyesight. I know some people who prefers their reading glasses and forgot about sunglasses.

Now you can protect your eyes from the sun, still be able to see clearly and LOOK FAB!

Isn’t it wonderful?

I would like to thank Firmoo for this wonderful pair.  I believe some bloggers host giveaway so better check it out.

And for bloggers, you can check this page to participate with their Free Eyewear for Bloggers.

Bye for now,


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