Nails of the Week: GirlStuff Forever in Pinky





Ever since I got gorgeous nail polishes from GirlStuff Forever I went gaga painting my nails. I am afraid that it will chip right away that is why I am not into painting them, but a friend of mine said once it chipped I can always change it. Well she’s right, I hope I can maintain my nails colorful until the rainy season.

Forgive my nails because I really suck at DIY manicures. Practice makes perfect right? I hope I can improve but then I prefer going to the nail salon and bring my favorite nail polish. I am sure they won’t mind. Send a kiss 

Please do wait for my complete feature about GirlStuff Forever in the next couple of days so you can know more about the product. Meanwhile check out their Facebook page and browse.

Have a great week. (it feels like Monday to me)


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