Neutrogena Wave Original Vibrating Power Cleanser

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When Eya ( posted about this device I asked her for the store link and immediately purchased my own. This is my first skin care device I have a perception that those NU Skin and Clairsonic are for women 40 years old and above because they are the one that I always see who uses such device.

Since this is very affordable, Php450, it’s really worth a try.

You can read the product description at the back of the box.

It comes with a AA Duracell Battery and 14 cleansing pads (good for two weeks if used everyday).

The cleansing pad looks like this.

And this is the actual product.

It’s like 3 – 4 inches and the color is pink and white. This product is waterproof so do not worry because you can bring it in your bedroom. The lid cover for the batteries have a rubber lining to make sure that no water can get inside.

When I first tried it I was like a child dissecting a new toy. The foam did not form immediately because I ran it under water too much.

So as a tip, don’t over wet the foam so the lather will form easily.

The product did not indicated how long you should the device but I used it for 5 minutes. When I look at the pad I can see the dirt from my face.

I also purchased additional foaming pads just in case I ran out.

I have used it for five times I guess. I used this to my boyfie as well. He loved the feeling.


  • It’s not locally available
  • Not advisable to use everyday because of the following stingy reason: Battery life and Refills
  • My skin felt really cleanse and soft after rinsing the product
  • The foam hurt my eyes. :p
  • It smells very clean
  • It gives instant face massage.
  • For guy who has oily face, it instantly remove the oil and dirt after one use.

If you want to have deeply cleansed skin every night, and it says this is safe to use daily, I recommend to use it everyday. You will see the difference as the day goes by.

Do not forget to tone and moisturize afterwards to complete your skin routine.

As for me, I might use this every other night because I might ran out of pads.

I will also buy a rechargeable AA Batteries for this to save money. Batteries are quite expensive especially the heavy duty ones.

This Neutrogena Wave is available Organic Square Online Shop, Hya the owner is very nice and accommodating, even her cousin April too. I wish it will be locally available but I guess after the import taxes have been implied the price will change.

To Organic Square, I hope you could have more Tresemme products like their heat protectant spray and their hair spray. It’s not available here in the Philippines and I am really keen to have that product. 🙂

Genzel and Eya made a fantastic (in depth context and photos) review on this and I definitely agree with them. I hope you can check out their reviews too (The review is way a lot better than mine :p). (Click the link to be redirected)

Ciao, SAMMY x

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