Pantene Miracle Water Leave-On Conditioner

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pantene miracle water

I often buy products for hair because I am guilty of damaging it – color, perm, iron, blow dry, curl, name it, I’ve done it to my hair. Now I look like a walking frizzy hair with  a round  body. When I received an email from BDJ that you can get your bottle of this miracle water, I visited the link and claimed mine.

You can never go wrong with Pantene products, they really have quality products for the hair. This leave-on is an innovation, unlike most leave-on conditioner which is thick and heavy, this is light and easily absorbed. It’s even lighter than their own conditioner. It smells fantastic too! It controls 80% of your frizz, leaving your hair manageable and smooth. But I have to say, my hair condition is far more crazy than others, that is why it looks like a steel wool even if it’s soft to touch.

Lesson learned: take good care of your crowning glory.

I often use this right after I towel dry my hair and or as retouch when my hair is smelly (pollution and other fumes).  I almost consumed this product already and I am out searching for a new one. What is your recommendation?

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