Regrets: Lola Masquerade Foundation Act II

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This post is about a product that I regretted buying (too long for a title). 

It was March 16 this year when I purchased this foundation in Landmark, Trinoma. I emptied my Cover Girl Clean Liquid Foundation and the Revlon Photoready I have was too dark for me. I hunt for a new one.

I notice this stand and from its Glam image I inquire for a liquid foundation.

Lola Foundation

I am actually going to buy the one in the pump bottle which has a shimmer finish but the SA was so persuasive and I was swayed to get this one.

I rarely use this foundation because I realized it was a little heavy and oily.

I used it everyday when I was in Cebu for seven days for a convention and after that I do not use it for everyday makeup.

After few months, April – May – June – July – August – September, the lid started to went off.

Lola Foundation

It was just in my vanity and I wonder why would the lid chip off. Lola Foundation

The reasons why I regretted buying this are:

  • The packaging – Yes it looks elegant and all but it’s not hygienic. I purchased a spatula for this to scoop the product because I just can’t dip my fingers, sponge, nor my brush here. Lola Foundation
  • The smell – Actually it’s the smell NOW. Maybe because it’s six months old already so I think I need to dispose it.
  • Price – It’s around Php1,200 it’s expensive because Revlon Photoready costs around Php980 only.
  • It feels heavy and greasy.

As for the positives when applied properly,

  • Medium to Full Coverage
  • Dewy Finish

Will I purchase again?

I do not think so. I prefer a foundation in a pump bottle or tube perhaps.

So that concludes my thoughts about this foundation.

This might not work for me but I am sure it does for some.

This post is not intended to vilify the foundation nor the brand I just want to share my grief and experience.

Please suggest a good foundation ladies. I need your opinion.


P.S. I receive good news since last week I am excited to reveal it. Open-mouthed smile


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