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SaforelleTaking care of our intimate area is quite confusing. Gynecologist said that we should not wash it every day, others will say use a feminine wash or a baby soap, and some internet facts say that  the vagina can clean itself.

Here in the Philippines, you can count the brands of feminine wash available in the market and because of popularity and great advertising strategies we tend to use one brand alone.

I had a bad experience with feminine wash where I used ‘organic’ guava foaming wash and it irritated me so much. My Gyne suggested using J&J soap.

When I got the chance to use Saforelle, I found my best friend.

Keep reading to know why.

saforelle-aboutSAFORELLE is a gentle body and intimate wash from Paris that is the leading feminine cleanser sold in pharmacies throughout France. Specially formulated for daily use, contains no soap or parabens, and made with Burdock extract, SAFORELLE is soothing, moisturizing, and cleansing. Millions of women, in more than 50 countries around the world, trust and love SAFORELLE.

  •  Manufactured in FRANCE
  • Developed by medical experts
  • Specifically formulated for daily use
  • Contains Burdock extract for antipruritic (anti-itch) and soothing effects
  • Moisturizing and gentle cleanser
  • Proprietary formulation does not disrupt the natural pH of the vaginal flora
  • Clinically tested and product claims supported by clinical studies
  • Soap and paraben free

Indications of Use:

  • Feminine hygiene wash
  • Sensitive skin cleanser
  • Recommended and safe for daily use


Its unique natural formulation is the reason why I fell in love with this wash. The itchiness instantly goes away right after washing. I have to admit I do not wash my undies the way it should be and I sacrifice my comfort. I also do not have a good relationship with pads and tissues, making my V more irritated than ever.

It has a faint lavender scent (or a chamomile).  Its consistency is between runny and sticky.

The best part of this product? It is not just an intimate wash, but also a body wash. See?

It’s super affordable too.

You can just put the 60 ml bottle in your purse and be ready to wash anytime, anywhere.

Welcoming new products in the markets gives me happiness and confusion.

You should give this product a try and let me know how it goes. *winks*

That’s it for my quick impression on Saforelle, please comment, like, tweet, pin, g+ this post if you find it interesting.


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