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Hey Bellas,

My new found blogger friend Nicole inspired me to do a quick review on this product. She needs help in choosing cheap eye shadow but has good quality.

So I recommended this to her.


Let me show you the packaging first.



The fact that the palette already contains white and black I am contented. You can be very flexible with the looks you want to come up to.

It’s cream to powder finish (or vice versa) and pigmented as well. It has a pearly luster (as stated in the packaging) which reflects more light.

It is better applied when wet and/or over a matte eye shadow first. I like putting the white on my inner corners and the black as setting powder to my pencil eyeliner.

Here are the swatches.

 Without flash


With Flash


Don’t worry about the bright colors it depends on your application. You can always blend to fade or intensify the color.

I chose this palette because I want to have a shimmer bright colors but they have other combinations too. I think if you are not that playful you can buy the earth/neutral palette.

The downfall is if you didn’t apply an eye shadow primer it tends to fade out easily so if you going to party all night better apply PRIMER – it’s a must.

It costs Php 148.00 and is available at any beauty section of your favorite department store. I got mine in SM Megamall. I think I purchased this last year. Open-mouthed smile

I might put up a look using this product this weekend (if I am not lazy).

So there, I hope I have helped you NIcole. Smile



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