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CoverEvery fashion editor is a fashion icon in her own right. They are legendary for their own specific styles. However, apart from immaculate outfits they can pride themselves on, fashion editor plays key roles in the fashion industry.

Anna Wintour

anna wintour

The editor-in-chief of American Vogue alias the Queen of Fashion, Anna Wintour is one of the most legendary fashion editors. With supposed cold and aloof personality, this fashion icon is the famous name in politics as well. Her trademark personality earned her the main character in the novel and later the film adaptation The Devil Wears Prada and the nickname Nuclear Wintour.

Her signature look is print dresses. Just look at her floral-beaded dress by Channel Couture at the Met Gala and you will understand the unique genius of this fashion icon. The green tea-length dress embroidered with black lace, nude heels, a conservative neckline accessorized with a statement necklace is a true outfit of a fashion diva. A fur coats over print dresses are another mark of her classy style. Apart from floral prints which Anne wears even on fur-trimmed coats, unique graphic print dresses are her thing as well.

Carine Roitfeld

carine roitfeld

The most well-known rebel in fashion is definitely Carine Roitfield. After 10 years in French Vogue, she resigned and founded the new fashion magazine called CR Fashion Book. If you heard about the French messy look, Carine is the fashion diva who embodies this look completely and fabulously. Her motto is “the messier the better.”

The absolute queen of black head-to-toe look, Carine loves wearing pencil skirts and blouses. When she wants to spice things up, she usually adds something colorful as she did at Paris Fashion Week 2014/15 when she combined the simple LBD with the colorful striped fur jacket. She looks equally gorgeous in bright colors: wearing the white crop top and the long beige high-waisted column skirt. For Milano Fashion Week 2011, Carine wore the stunning white Givenchy haute couture illusion gown, which brings her immaculate fashion taste to the forefront.

 Emmanuelle ALT

emmanuelle alt

The present editor-in-chief of French Vogue, Emmanuelle ALT changed the fashion magazine policy placing emphases on nudity and natural beauty. The goal of Alt’s nudity is not supposed to carry the message of sexual fantasy, but the importance of being our natural selves. Even though she rarely wears makeup, she is one the most beautiful women in the world. Another change in the magazine was the emphasis on humor and optimism. “I am a happy person and I don’t think people want bad news”, Alts says.

Her signature look is fitted pants as she rarely wears skirts and dresses. She looks perfect in cuffed jeans, a white blouse and black heels. Another trademark of Emmanuelle is blazers such as a beautiful navy blue blazer she wore at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014. Emmanuelle embodies the classic French look in leather pants and the dark olive green shirt. The confident simplicity of her style can be seen in black wide-leg pants and the black blouse or black skinny pants paired with the black fringe leather jacket. Leather pants, the oversized gray tweed jacket, the black shawl and the black hat are one of the coolest outfits she ever wore.

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