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My blogger friend Eyah just posted this blog and she tagged me. I cannot finish my review might as well do a throw back Thursday version of my beauty blog.

I always wanted to be a writer, a beauty editor perhaps, making this blog come to life was a piece of cake in the beginning because the resources were available. Never thought that coming out of the closet would be this rewarding.

This is my offline blog – SHINE I started it 2001 where I write all the beauty tips I gathered from the F (Local lifestyle show), The Lifestyle network, and the Candy Magazine. shine

I know my penmanship sucks and I plan to retype everything for DISHY.

My first blog was in Xanga.com I was hiding under the photo of Lizze McGuire a.k.a Hilary Duff because I look like her according to my classmates (until now new friends say that I have a resemblance with her)

I was an emo that time. haha And this was my profile bar.


I made one in Blogspot in 2006.


This was my sidebar (the site is still active and I do not know how to close  it). It was kind of gross to look at it now. I love purple since I was 16 y/o and I am already in a relationship with my current boyfriend. Red heart

I also made a multiply because I was stalking someone. haha

In 2009, I made several blogging and social media sites.

I have tumblr and this was my first post.


I am saying the same things I typing now. LOL All my photography wanna be shots were in Tumblr.

The next year I made WordPress.com I named it Spry, Ardent, Mulish my first post was about my super awesome friend Ferry,  one of the best writer I know.


I occasionally interjects makeup post in that blog.


If I am right I posted my growing makeup collection {read it here} I do not know about Michelle Phan. I was busy at work and loving my makeup enthusiasm alone. My best friend, Pam shared the link.

Tokyo Drift

I was a fan of winged eyeliner and red lips. I called this look Tokyo Drift {read it here}


This is I believe the first time I did makeup for someone else. The white eyeliner was trending.


Some of the party makeups I did. I do know how important brows was.

I was convinced to separate the beauty on my personal blog and I had a hard time making it. This was my first review:


After a year in DISHY, It’s good to note that my emotional quotient (EQ) on makeups improved – NOT TO USE THEM UNTIL THEY ARE PHOTOGRAPHED.

Ask me how do I see my blogs in the future (I have three now, I just made a naughty blog Hot smile); I am sure that I will still be writing because that is what I love to do. I am also sure that I will never outgrow my love for makeups and beauty in general.

To finish my throwback I have a smile on my face knowing that I gained friends and the camaraderie in the industry I entered is incomparable.

Thank you Eyah for Tagging me and letting me share this everyone.


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