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Tag Post | This or that?

This or that? Nicole of Axons and Dendrites and Eya of eyahnism tagged on this post. Since I haven’t done any tagged post lately I decided to do this. So let’s get started… Blush or Bronzer? BRONZER. A square moon face is not flattering so I chose bronzer, specifically matte, …
Me Time

Tag Post | Five Random Facts

This is my second tagged post, Nicole tagged me again. Keep reading so you will discover more about me. #1 – I used to be a theater actress and kissed two men I knew your eyebrows raised already but yes you saw the picture right. I had two major acts …
Me Time

Tag Post | I got bitten by the Bug Blog

Hello Ladies, As a come back post I am doing this first, courtesy of Nicole author behind Axon & Dendrites. I like the logo so much. So let’s start? When and Why did you start blogging? I started blogging 2004 via Xanga.com (ymmasammy) then BlogSpot.com (diyesisiete) then migrated to Multiply.com …