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Tony Moly Shocking Perfect Lips

P598 / Tony Moly Stores

This lip product is my current favorite. I went to Tony Moly to get a sheet mask and asked what is new in their makeup line, they showed me this. From the casing itself, it looks astonishing, shiny black tube with a hot pink lid. It looks like a lip gloss but it’s actually a liquid lip color.

 Tony Moly Shocking Lip_Pink_Review


Tony Moly Swatch_Shocking Lips

It has a doe-foot applicator and I swear it’s highly pigmented. Its instruction says to apply it overnight to get a natural tinted lip in the morning. Since I am easy to convince I tried it and the best part is, it stayed up for 18 hours.

Tony Moly

Newly applied – one swipe

Tony Moly_Overnight

Photo at 9am the next day, applied at 10 pm

Tony Moly 12 Hrs

After 18 hours

It appears glossy upon application, after it dries it becomes matte, almost like a lip paint. When applied overnight, it will give you a pinky lips the next day. For most hours of the day, when not eating, I had experienced no transfer. Although there are some stains in tissue papers when eating, the color remained intact. You will notice that if you have dry lips and you did not apply a balm, cracks will show up. The swatch lasted for 72 hours with normal soap mind you, so if ever you want to remove the color better use a makeup remover.


  • Must apply using a stable hand, it’s hard to erase the mistakes.
  • Apply a clear lip balm throughout the day to prevent drying.

I really love this lipstick, I hope they will release an autumn/fall color for more drama.

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