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It is almost a week after my birthday. It’s 2:00 am now and I cannot sleep. I figured I should write. 

It is always on my mind whether I will write a post, but hey this has been my tradition. Looking back on my 28th birthday I posted why I have hidden my birthday all those years, and even after saying I will announce it to everybody, I was not really like that.

A month before my birthday, I booked a suite room. Staycation is my thing, I look forward to a bath tub soak. Shopping for a bubble bar or bath bomb from Lush is my happiness. 

I was torn if I wanted a dine out and massage won. 

A relaxing celebration

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A naked photo by my husband

As usual not everyone knows about it, my sister greeted me first followed by my parents, and my brother. My husband of course greeted my while we binge watch the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. 

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Cakes from my Sydney Team

The day before my birthday I was chatting with my team in Sydney, the usual work plus playtime chats. Neither did I know they have been chatting with my husband to ask for my birthday plan. They ordered cakes online and had it sent to our hotel. 

It was funny because when Goldilocks arrived we were still in the lobby waiting for the room. When we finally settled in, they delivered the cakes. 

It was my first time to be surprised. I mean I always do it and I doubted that anyone can do something for me. I was blown away. 

I then received the mandatory social media greetings from all my friends. I feel so loved. I am getting good at my birthday. 

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We have not touched the cake until we went home. lol

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Since we have not ate lunch before the check in, we ate in their cafe lounge until evening. 

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We also scheduled a massage so an hour before our time we indulged ourselves in bubble bath. 

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I actually want a cool tub photo, but I keep on turning over like a rubber duckie. We then went to the spa and had our massage. 

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Our room came with a teaser massage then we had an hour of Swedish massage. We fell asleep as soon as we got back our room. 

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A year of change

The next morning was my favorite. We had the complimentary breakfast and had a hearty talk with my husband. I love talking to him because he is updated with current events. We agree on most things when it comes to life perspective. 

I didn’t want the day to end, but I might hurt our wallet if we stay longer. After checkout, we went to the mall to get my usual wax then got a Mac. Finally gave in to match my phone as our gaming-hard-working-laptop is heavy to bring around for my meetings.

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My friend Josh told me that in Feng Shui, since November is the month of boar, this is the preview of 2019 – Year of Boar. I got new projects for next year and more wedding inquiries. I am not complaining! I am so excited.

My planner ran out early for 2018, so I guess I am going to follow my birthday calendar as a cycle from now on. I am thankful and hopeful. 

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