[Update] Third year wedding anniversary

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Before my usual work alarm, 5:30 am (Philippine Standard Time)

It has been a roller coaster ride this past three months. From a café event consultancy to working on a final pitch demo for fin-tech company. Did I mention we moved places?

The trigger

After almost four years of living together with my husband’s parents, we finally moved out. It may seem like a hasty decision, but we have planned for this for months now.

It was a decision made to prioritised my mental health. I was not in good condition anymore, trying to juggle work and everything else. I came to a point where I escaped the house and ran to my parents.

I was crying while travelling to client meetings and even cried in front of my client. I have never been this vulnerable.

One advice they gave is to take control of my life – both married, career, and personal life.

It was a heated discussion at first, but after going for it — finding possible apartments and computing budget. My ultimatum was to move out for our third wedding anniversary.

Yes, we are now living by ourselves!

The house we chose to lease was like a Dejavu. When I entered for the first time, I felt home. When I slept the first time, I thought I was living in here for months.

It was not hard to adjust because the location is perfect — easy commute, establishment around, accessible to travel coming from either north or south.

It is a breath of fresh air.

The improvement

I want to highlight this part because my sanity improved a lot. From three hours of travel time to my face-to-face meeting in Makati, it is now down to 45 minutes to an hour.

There’s also an immediate change in our diet. We were making better food choices when we moved. We switch to red rice, liquid aminos, not using salt for food, and the fact we are cooking our own food now is a plus.

I cannot wait to finish settling in (I still have boxes to unpack and office to construct) and restart a workout routine.

Our relationship?

Our wish? 1+1=3 🙏

This annual post won’t be complete without a cheesy section. What did I learn about our relationship from this bold move?

Always choose each other.

Being alone together can highlight flaws and indifference. From the way, I annoyingly want the place to be tidy and from his temper. I would say, I adored my husband more. Because even if he says that I am exaggerating he would still return the dishes, fix the bathroom, straightened our bed without me reminding him.

At the end of the day, if you continue to choose the person you are with now, you’ll be inspired to make them happy every single day.

Our wish? 1+1=3 🙏

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