Week 14: Eating Well during Pregnancy

Health & Fitness Pregnancy Diary

Symptoms: Fatigue
Food Cravings / Aversion: None
Featured Brand/s: Health Kitchen MNL

Eating the right food on time is by far the most challenging part of my pregnancy. With my work, even at home, my day is full of meeting that if I did not cook over the weekend, we would not have food for the week. 

My husband reports to his office twice a week, and it is more challenging when he is not around. 

For most days, we will order food from Grab, and if ever we will get ingredients to cook, we end up not liking it at all on the third day. 

Getting subscription food

Healthy Kitchen MNL Review
Vegan Day 1 Meal | Php 2,600 per week

Our solution is to order subscription food. I have a fair share of subscription in the past because of the same issue. In my mind, I will be able to get healthier food more conveniently. 

We were not into a serious diet, so we ordered first to a “baon” subscription service. It was great at first, but the food selection is similar to the crew meals I had for my events before. 

So we switched suppliers and saw Healthy Kitchen MNL. 

Vegan Meal for a week

I tried vegan at first. I didn’t want to have meat for that week as I had too many fried chickens from fast food. 

It was a great experience because, surprisingly, tofu and veggie meat are delicious. Not that it is my first time eating, I thought I wouldn’t like it all. 

Balanced meal at 1,500 calories

If you plan to lose weight, then eating lesser calorie is one trick. To know how many calories you should have per day, you can compute it by your BMR depending on your daily activities. Check out this calculator from Healthline. 

The first week we tried 1,200, but we ended up ordering snacks from Mcdonald’s, which is not great. So we adjusted our orders to 1,500 calories. I am not sure why I am still hungry but maybe because I am pregnant? lol 

Health Kitchen MNL Review

It’s our fourth week with Health Kitchen MNL, and it was terrific. They followed my request not to have pasta in my set (I am not a pasta lover). Their meal is delicious, and even if it is calorie counted, it’s not bland. 

It’s food that you look forward to eating every meal. The customer experience is excellent. They sent you a message you if you want to reorder, and even their riders are polite. 

The price is relatively reasonable at around Php 173 per meal per day. Almost the same expense when you order out or decide to cook. 

My concern is how to recycle and dispose of the microwavable properly. With so many orders, people will have a pile of plastic containers that will end up in the oceans if we throw them. 

I hope subscription food services will have an initiative that you can return the empty and clean containers so they’ll recycle it. One time use of plastic is not great for our environment. 

How to eat right while pregnant 

My doctor advises eating on time to prevent hyperacidity. If you cannot eat on time, have some crackers beside you to alleviate hunger. 

As far as nutrition is concerned, it is great to have a variety of fruits and vegetables. It is a great way to introduce your baby’s taste and give the nutrients that you and your baby need. 

Make sure you are taking your prenatal vitamins, too, to get enough vitamins and minerals. Get your daily dose of iron, calcium, iodine, vitamin C, Vitamin A, and folate. 

Food aversions and nausea will be challenging but eat (as I say to myself). 

I shall say that subscribing to food services helped me eat the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables. Occasionally I still order fast food spaghetti and donuts, but I try my best to eat properly. 

How is your food relationship while pregnant? Share your stories below. 

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