Week 18: Second Trimester Haul

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The good thing about ber months is that every month you get to score deals. We checked out cool deals for 10.10, and we bought pretty much more items than the last one. 

We still controlled ourselves waiting for 11.11 and 12.12 respectively, and the things we bought are for future use plus some new clothes for myself.

Hubby is the one scoring the deals while I browse mine. LOL, We started taking hand down as well, which I believe a significant saving for us. 

Infrared Thermometer

Thermo Meter
Thermal Scanner | Php 600 Php 282

Everyone has it, I supposed, and many establishments need it for checking people’s temperature. It is nice to have one. 

Simply because we know that babies could be uncomfortable, the typical underarm thermometer won’t work. Besides, mercury thermometers are fragile and hard to read most of the time. I do not want our pets to lick mercury and pieces of broken glass. 

It was cool to get it this early as we get to use them to get our temperature. Hubby needs it to log in for work, and I randomly check our pet’s temp too. 

I liked that it has other modes to check humans and their surroundings. In just two seconds, you have your temperature. 

Hospital bag checklists have this one too. I consider it an investment. 

Air Purifier

Air Purifier
Air Purifier | Php 2,990 Php 1,130

I got sick last January when Taal Volcano almost exploded. Ashfall reached Manila, and even if all our windows were closed, the AC let the sulfur inside our unit. 

And since I know, I am adopting pets sometime in June, and this cleaner was in our cart for months. 

We ordered the first one from China, and it didn’t arrive. The second one didn’t come as well. They said it got lost in transit, but we suspect something else. 

Luckily we saw a local supplier with the similar specs we are looking for in an air purifier. It was delivered just in time, and surprisingly the performance is acceptable for the price.

Maternity Clothes

Most of my clothes are already loose, but my go-to work clothes were plain shirts and square pants. The shirts were becoming cropped, so I decided to look for a cheap dress online. 

The first set I bought was a complete fail. Although the quality is excellent, the sizing is too small. The other dresses I purchased were fabulous, but I kept to six pieces only—something I could wear for checkups. 

The New Born Shopping List

I still do not know what I need to buy for myself and the baby, but I will update my third-trimester haul – nesting period to list my actual purchase.

For mommas out there, please comment on your shopping list. This new momma needs your help. 

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