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Taking a break from my preggy diaries, I wanted to start a topic on my blog about zero waste lifestyle. It is something important to me as my heart goes to all creatures affected by our waste. 

I remember Love Lace from the Happy Feet Movie; he has this plastic packaging of a drink. Can you imagine that our waste reached Antarctica? 

Zero Waste Management doesn’t happen overnight.

Kudos to all citizens who already started their effort to reduce their waste. We can contribute to saving the environment through small steps at home. 

My journey began by switching some essential products at home to minimize waste and recycling and reusing 60% of the products we acquire. 

Zero Waste: Start with Toiletries

Toiletries by far are the most effortless kick-off for you to start your zero waste journey. I started using shampoo bars three years ago, but the challenge was that not everything is good quality and not always available in stores. 

The first one I tried made my hair fall worst, the second one promised 30 washes, and the third one is expensive, and its conditioner bar is hard to rinse. 

I would typically buy big bottles of shampoo, so I cannot find anything accessible whenever it is time to use shampoo bars again. 

Today, most organic brands already introduced their zero waste product lines making it more accessible to the market. 

Sibol Shampoo Bars & Conditioners

Sibol 1

My latest favourite is the one from Sibol, the name caught my attention because it is in Filipino, and the meaning is new beginnings. I first saw this product from Kaycee, and when I browsed Beauty MNL, I saw it. I immediately buy it because the timing is perfect. 

So what’s with these shampoo and conditioner bars? 

Sibol Shampoo Bar
Php 225 | Beauty MNL

They have two variants (1) Anti-hair fall and (2) Healthy Shine. I chose anti-hair fall, obviously because it is my current hair issue. Even commercial shampoos have not cured my hair fall. 

The shampoo bar is a blend of Korean Ginseng, Philippine Gugo, Rosemary, Lavender, and peppermint. Eco-friendly and can last up to 60-washes. 

I like the blend of essentials oils, and even if it has peppermint, it is not like the other menthol shampoo that will make you chill if you rinse it.

The suds were terrific. You can either lather it on your hands or use it on your hair directly. 

TIP: Store it vertically or cut into four cubes to extend its shelf life. Do not let it soak for too long. 

Sibol Conditioner Bar
Php 250 | Beauty MNL

For the conditioner, they only have one variant called silky soft. It comes in a tin can so it is travel friendly and can outlast two bottles of conditioners.

The ingredients are a mix of virgin coconut oil, shea, cocoa butter, aloe vera, jojoba, and propolis-rich beeswax. It claims to nourish, soften, moisturize, and detangles hair after shampooing, activated by water, and intensely hydrating. 

TIP: Transfer the bar on to the lid. It’ll be more manageable than scooping it from the actual can as it is soft. 

Sibol hair products claim to use all-natural products, and they are also baby-safe, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, organic, paraben-free, pregnancy-safe, silicone-free, and sulfate-free. 

Both products are easy to rinse and does not feel greasy at all. You’ll surprise that it is an instant air freshener too, as your bathroom will be filled with the smell of both products. 

Should you also switch?

Looking for other ways to switch? Try Menstrual Cups.

Yes! If you could do something for our environment and still enjoy the benefits of having great hair, why not? Plus, it is locally made, #supportlocal

It’ll be an adjustment to the usual convenience of regular bottles, but it’s worth it. 

We still want a clean ocean, right? 

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