What’s in my purse? [updated]

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I received an email and she asked what’s in my purse. This is my third post about it. If you’ll remember, the first one is a blog post in my personal blog {here} and the second one was a video {here}. I used to bring a lot of stuff, but since my back can’t support much weight now, I reduced it.

Here’s the recent stuff I carry around.


  1. Book – I am currently reading Zig Ziglar, one of the best author/speaker I know. Although I have ebooks the smell of a book soothes me.
  2. Camera – That is my five-year old Canon Powershots90 since I love taking random photos and I attend events, I always bring it; besides DSLR is heavy.
  3. Notebook – I scribble a lot. I attend meetings and training, my Perry the platypus mini notebook comes handy.
  4. Earphone – Sometimes I want to forget the world by listening to my favorite playlist from Spotify. I even subscribed to premium. *laughs* I am actually listening to the top list now. I got this earphone from St. Francis.
  5. iPhone – This is my personal phone, I also have a company phone (not in the photo) that I bring everyday. Who else don’t bring around their phone when they are out?
  6. Eye Glasses – My eyes have grade 50/75 (If I remember correctly) but I cannot recognize faces from afar as well as read McDonald’s menu, so yeah I need it. I bought a purple frame, because isn’t it obvious? My favorite color is PURPLE.
  7. Sun Glasses – The glare hurts my eyes and I sometimes sleep on the road. This is just a random sunglasses giveaway from a company.
  8. Wallet – My wallet is large. I once saw something like this from a friend and when I finally found something similar I bought it. Passport and Pass book fit perfectly even my phone, a pen, and other things. I bring it alone for a quick trip, let’s say a bank or grocery.
  9. Contact lenses – I have two pairs, one gray and brown, also with a grade. I use it for events because my glasses look too nerdy.
  10. Sanitizer / Lens Solution –  Yeah, you know why I have it.
  11. Coin Purse / Keys – Jellybean purple coin purse for my loose change and keys so I can get inside my house of course.
  12. Card Holder – I don’t like putting my IDs, ATM Card, Credit Card, Discount Card on my wallet. I don’t want to lose them all at once so I bought a separate booklet.
  13. Makeup Kit –  You know me, can’t live without it. I bring it for unexpected events and touch up. I sometimes go out the house as is, so this will rescue me. 

There are other things which I forgot to include in the photograph like my planner, iPad, perfume and others. I am using a large bag and it’s heavy. I hope I can pack lightly for everyday errands, but given I am a girl, I doubt. LOL

Do you find similar items in my bag?

Have a great week everyone.


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