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Weeks a go blogs were talking about Sample Room (read my post) and here it is, gathering samples and sharing to the world (country – PH). I never got a chance to be part of the first wave of samples because of the nocturnal out there. haha

So for the second wave, I signed up and checked out.


My order was #740 and after I paid the shipping and handling fee (Php100) yesterday. The order arrived before lunch today. I was shocked because usually it take 2 – 3 days before receiving an item but the people behind Sample room are very prompt.

I am excited to see a Celeteque product here as I am a loyal Celeteque user. I am excited to try out this products.

Actually these are not samples because they are full size. LIKE!

I only have 15 points left, I can gain it back by reviewing the products and by referring a friend.

Kudos for the fast transaction. Keep up the good work. I am sure Sample Room will change the buying standards of many shoppers.

Have you get your own samples?

Visit www.sampleroom.ph now.



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