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Charm Travel Pro v3

Quick post!

I need to finish a lot of things today. I just want to share that fairy god mother took my Charm Travel Pro v2 under my pillow and replaced it with the all new and improved Charm Travel Pro v3.

At first I have missed my old one because it has been with me for two years already. I have brought it in all my travels both local and international and took care of it.

When I opened the new one I was delighted to make more memories of makeup looks and I cannot wait to try it on. Weee I will make my Holiday look maybe tonight? haha

I will do my first impression post hopefully tomorrow.

I am thinking to make videos on YT because a new cyber buddy is convincing me to do so. I still have to think about it. I am camera shy. :p

Once again Fairy God Mother, my sincere thank you.


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