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It’s my third day here in our new home and my back aches so bad. Being the eldest gives your more task and responsibility. I feel like a security guard and construction worker since our move.

The family encounter several hardships before we are able to buy our own house. We moved house to house depending on the situation. Our last move was the most problematic because my half sister and his husband broke up and cut financial support then married somebody else in the United States. Since she was the one who take care the 50% of the house rent she didn’t know where to get money. My dad shouldered everything and we have to move into a smaller house.

The place was decent except for the construction malfunction. Walls and ceilings leak whenever it rains and the drainage system was improper. My dad told me that since we are moving put he didn’t complain at all.

There was no windows except one in the kitchen and the living room. The house stinks whenever we cook.

We were really lazy cleaning the entire place and use it for sleeping.

When we got here all our chores returned. We used to have dedicated chores since elementary posted in the refrigerator. I am in charge of the kitchen – going to the market, cooking, and washing the dishes.

Pork Chop

My mood on taking care of our house and helping my mom came back in an instant.


I am now enthusiastic about everything. I will actually jog every morning the surroundings are life changing and encouraging.

Maybe the last house was a certified jinx. This is our ninth move and finally the last, my dad call this move Lucky 9. I hope we are all going to be lucky as we (siblings) are all working and hopefully my parents will enjoy their lives.

I am excited to decorate my room. I already have a plan and I will let someone draw it. Smile

I feel so happy.

Recipe above
Fried Porkchop

Maggi Magic Sarap
Fish Sauce
McCormick Fried Chicken Seasoning
Bay Leaf
minced garlic

Cooking Instruction
Fry until the meat is tender and fat crispy

I am thankful for everything.


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