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Last 16 April, I got a chance to be on the bloggers’ par-TEA in Angel’s Kitchen, San Juan. The said Par-TEA was hosted by Scents and Sensibilities, your home of sensible scents. I will do a separate post on SandS because I want to focus to the sumptuous meal we had.

Angel’s Kitchen is located at 57 Connecticut Street, San Juan. If you are not familiar with the area, you’ll wonder why there is no public transport. I took a cab from the office and then walked to EDSA going home.

Anyway, outside it looks like a bakeshop, the parking in front covered the entrance. But when you enter it’s a like a sanctuary, a hideout from a busy city.

Angels Kitchen

The area is just enough for quick breakfast, afternoon delights, and light dinner. It looks so chic and cozy, you can read books while having a tea.

The par-TEA was awesome it was light and casual, Ms. Maizie, Tina, and Arvie made the conversation so perky we laughed all the time.

And the food….

Beef Taquitos

This is Beef Taquitos, a DIY Nacho Style appetizer. The lettuce is shredded; the tomatoes and onions are finely chopped; and of course the cheese is grated. I forgot to ask what is the crispy “taco shell” but it is so delish.

Tuyo Putanesca

Then they served the Tuyo Putanesca, it’s my first time to taste one. Normally, Tuyo or dried fish is salty, but with the Putanesca sauce and olives it’d balance everything.

Longganisa Sliders

Here’s the Longanissa Sliders, longanissa is the Filipino version of chorizo, most versions are sweetened others are garlic-y. Here in Angels’ Kitchen it is just right. The size of the bun is almost bite making you eat a little more without feeling that you had too much.

Cassava Mantecado

And lastly, dessert Cassava Mantecado it’s a cassava cake with buttermilk ice cream. It’s the softest cassava cake I had, I don’t eat cassava that much because I don’t like how they were cooked, most of the time stiff.

In between our chats, I sipped freshly brewed teas.

Blooming Tea

I had roasted green tea but in the photo above it is called the Blooming Tea as it blooms in the water when you immerse it and got soaked.

I really enjoyed our tea party and I am so glad to be part of an intimate event. Of course we wouldn’t miss a group shot, so here it is.

Bloggers Par-Tea

I hope you are all doing well. xo, SAMMY

P.S. I am using a new lens for my camera and  a watermark. How was it? 

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