Ever Bilena Xtreme Shine Lipstick #704 + TIPS


Have you miss my lippie post?

Ever Bilene Xtreme Shine Lipstick #704

This lipstick from Ever Bilena was the first Red Lipstick I purchased and it’s still alive.

EB Lip Color

But I completely forgotten how much this was.

Red Lipstick Swatch

See how RED this lipstick is?


  • Color Rich
  • Smells delicious
  • Long lasting


  • The packaging and the product itself is not sturdy. (I stored this lippie inside the fridge so that it will not melt quickly)
  • Too shiny for me. I prefer matte lipsticks for RED hues.

To make this MATTE and more LONG LASTING

We are familiar with the POWDER technique but I discovered a unique and less messy way to do the trick using POWDER PAPERS. I got this one from Landmark, Trinoma.

Powder Paper

You will have the same result without having your loose powder all over the place. All you have to do is…

  1. Apply your lipstick using a lip brush (For REDS, it is best to apply it with a lip brush to achieve PRECISE application)
  2. Now tear one sheet of this powder paper and pat on to your lips.

Mattify your lips

See how the paper absorbed excess products?

Red Lips

It will look like the photo above. You can stop here and add lip balm for a Lip Stain effect.


Apply second coat and have a long lasting lip color.

Red Lips


I love doing this trick on my other shimmery lipstick which I preferred to be matte.

I hope my post gave you an idea.



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