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I asked myself “why do I have palettes?” | Are you a makeup artist?”

The answer is NO I am just an impulsive buyer but very open to paint other people’s face. 🙂

I actually don’t do makeups often for myself (and other people as well) a quad would be enough but I do not have a guilt feeling getting this as the money came from my writing sideline.

Someone told me that all palettes being sold locally came from one supplier they just change the brand in the packaging and the names.

When I saw PROPS in an online contest I got curious, it was about Natural beauty and the price is this Flair Palette. Since I did not join I just browsed the shop and surveyed if I should get one.

For Php930 it contains 60 eye shadows, 16 lip colors, 3 blushes, 3 contour/highlight powders. It’s a combination of mattes and shimmers shadows.

Given that most shimmer eye shadows are really pigmented I took the matte swatches instead and it’s not powdery. The color is concentrated not faded when applied to the skin.

I said “Wow, I’m going to enjoy this palette”

The color ranges from black, brown, peaches, bronze, yellow, gold, green, blue, purple, red, orange, and pink. The colors are just vibrant I fell in love.

All of a sudden this palette become the apple of my eye.


The second layer contains the lip colors mostly pinks different shades only. All of them are very pigmented and matte although the first column on the leftmost part seems to be iridescent they are still matte. The gold and white happens to be a gloss/balm for me.

For the contour/highlight powders, I wonder what’s in the middle, it is almost off white and though I tried it to highlight my face nothing happened.

As for the contour powder the color is okay and easy to blend. It is just hard to pick up.

Contrary to the blushes which is very easy to pick up and has sheer pigmentation. It will give a flushed cheeks when applied. The third color is not my color so I guess that is the only downfall.

Other Comments

  • The ribbon went off right away so my nails prick the nearest e/s (red) before I can get take off the first layer. They should have glued the ribbon in place.
  • It was clean wrapped, when I removed the plastic the e/s are no longer protected. They should provide acetate so that the product won’t go to the lid.

Shopping Experience

  • The online shop is easy to navigate. It has a very friendly interface.
  • You can view your orders and the status of your transaction. They also email it to you.
  • The products are arranged properly.
  • Some products only have one photo which made me a little hard to decide what to get. I wish to have more photos in different angles/perspective.
  • And I hope I could zoom in the photo.
  • One day delivery.

I am very curios about their Affiliate and rewards program I hope they could release the info soon.

Since I am satisfied customer and I find the products inexpensive I purchased two more products the other day which I am excited to blog about.

To know more about PROPS you can check them out here:




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