I am uploading YouTube videos again!

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I do not have enough excuse to tell myself. I keep on scolding myself how will I improve if I don’t begin with something. Our home is almost a studio, we keep on buying gadgets that we do not use. Most of them are for content creation.

Busy — is the word I always say and my husband is telling me that we are wasting money on these things.

Things I learned about content creation is you create it with your heart. But of course, when you want to have readers, you must resonate with them.

Each of us in this worldwide web has its space. Most of us want to have an outlet without knowing that somewhere on this other side of the screen, you are inspiring someone.

During one of the S.M.A.S.H. series by Ann Kristine Pe├▒arendondo, she had Nath “Funchum” Reyes as a guest. He discussed video marketing and shared his video editing tools.

I procrastinate in creating videos because it is hard to take videos of myself, thus edit them. Nath shared the tool called Vloggit by Filmora and let me tell you – it’s the bomb for mobile video editing.

The U.I. (user interface) is impressive – you can trim (multiple trims), split, add a filter, add music, add voice over, name it!

I got addicted to it and shot multiple videos already. My first video for 2020 was my Holy Week. I tried vlogging (video logging) for three days.

As Sydney observes, Good Friday and Easter Monday, I had time to work for a lot of my social media content and finish editing Easter Sunday.

I shall say that proper tools such as Vloggit can beat procrastination because tasks became more comfortable.

Publicly noting to myself that if I get the hang of producing better content, I’ll invest to the paid Filmora software on Mac. lol

Honorable mention to YouTube Studio for easy mobile upload and Canva for the thumbnails.

I should control myself buying stuff that I don’t need.

Without further ado, here’s the video. Please subscribe!

Forgive my voice over, I do not know why I was whispering.

I hope you are doing well. FIGHTING!

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