Life in a Pandemic: August 2020

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I was waiting for a call and browsed through my Instagram stories. I saw my blogging friend Genzel and her post on one of the events we attended seven years ago. I remember I would take vacation leaves to attend events and passionately write about it afterwards. 

Beauty blogging is still relaxing to do. Unboxing, swatching, and shopping becomes therapeutic. Once you read your readers’ reaction, you are pumped to create more content. 

Consistency has its price. If you were consistent enough when you started something, you could potentially earn from it. But if you step back and try to catch up, you keep on going back to square one and repeat all your investments. 

Is it worth it? 

I manage to keep this domain alive. I wouldn’t trade this space I have to think out loud. As the year goes by and my life became more demanding than ever, I switched back to writing whatever my heart’s desire. 

As of this writing, we are living with a pandemic. Stores have curfews, and everything is online. You are required to wear protective gears at all times, not just for yourself but for the safety of others. 

If I track my life happenings between this post and the previous one, a lot of things happened in between; I am thankful that it is still on a positive note. 

I rundown the happenings around me during ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, MECQ…

Changed jobs

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My cat Cumin always bother me when I work

I was let go of my overseas remote employer. The business was not doing good, and I learned that everyone is indispensable. No matter how good you were in your job and you will be cut, you will be. 

I applied for a few posts I found online. I am happy that I was able to secure a replacement before the next cut off. 

Financial problems are the issue you do not want to stress about when you lose a job. 

I am still doing marketing, and I am learning every single day. 

Business hiatus

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Last wedding before the lockdown

As you all know, I manage and coordinate events. Because of the pandemic, my events were rescheduled and cancelled. I do want to risk to accept commitments as my loved ones can be compromised if I get infected. 

I was looking at the pivot idea but never really made it come true. I keep asking myself if rest is important versus work. I chose to rest and give myself the weekend I deserve. 

A live stream

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Please follow 2:3 Facebook page

For the longest time, my family and friends have been asking me to create a video or audio content. And just like this blog, I am not consistent. Everything is in bullet points and drafts. I procrastinate to sit down and record it. Perfection is my enemy. I wanted it to be at least pleasant before launching it. 

A bad habit I am yet to overcome. 

With my highschool schoolmates turned friends, we started doing Facebook live stream every Friday. A consistency that I want to keep on doing with them. 

It is funny because on our eighth episode we had a troll. The person is hiding behind a name and photo of a movie character. How could toxic someone be? 

We are enjoying it, and we will keep on doing it. 


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Left to right: Nala (Shorkie), Antonio (Persian Coon), Cumin (Persian Coon)

Oh my gosh! My pandemic highlight. I adopted adorable pets – a dog and two cats. Imagine how crazy it is to potty train a puppy and prevent them to kill each other. 

They are lovely and our stress relievers. My photo gallery is full of their cute moments, and my heart aches this early knowing that one day we need to part ways. 

Adopting a pet is entirely similar to nursing humans. I was hoping you wouldn’t raise your brows, I do not have a child yet, but I am talking about the responsibility of keeping them alive. 

Writing gigs

Screen Shot 2020 08 04 At 6.15.06 Pm
Visit for your fave products (Website created by Hubby)

While waiting for my work turnover, I decided to accept writing gigs once again. Writing is not my strong pursuit, but it is something that I enjoy doing. 

I’ve written almost 6,000 words per week. I couldn’t believe that I was able to do it. 

My earnings went to my pets’ supplies. HILARIOUS. 

Speaking engagements

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I’ve hosted virtual events and gave free trainings with Cumin still bothering me

I am in awe to be invited as a guest speaker for communities who support freelancers and remote workers. My last speaking gig flooded my inbox with gratitude from aspiring virtual professionals. 

I decided to use my learning and experience to pay it forward. 

Thought leadership

I made it to this list — Thank you for those who believed in me

Two months ago, I received a message from Marketing in Asia, saying I was nominated as a rising star in Linkedin. I didn’t know that I would make it to the list, and I am honoured that my usage of platform will become an inspiration to others. 

I am excited to get to know all the others from the list. I am sure I will learn a lot from them. 

Roller coaster

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Just breathe and have a beer

It is normal not to be okay during these times. I find myself snuggling under covers feeling tired and questioning my life decisions. 

I am still in a personal debate, whether I want to raise my tiny human. The world seems cruel and unstable. What would be safer?

It feels good to update without looking at the word count meter—a free form of feelings flowing to release stress and be creative. 

The world is still in an uncertain state. We’ll never know what will happen next. 

If you are reading this and you are healthy and have food on the table. Be thankful and stay positive. 

We’ll all see the light at the end this dark tunnel. 

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