I fell off the bed

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Yes! You read it right. It was one cold morning when I turned off the AC and went back to sleep. I placed my head on the opposite edge and fell into deep slumber. 

I was dreaming then all of a sudden I felt the motion of myself falling off the bed. I was wrapped in blanket can’t grasp anything solid so I can stop my body from falling.

Husband heard it and immediately crawl and checked on me. We laughed so hard. 

My tolerance for pain is high. So even if it was a bad fall I laughed it off. Three days after, I found myself hard to breathe while on work duty. Though I usually skip hospitalisation. I woke my husband to take me to the emergency room. 

To give you a back story, I had typhoid, bronchitis, and dengue which I shrugged off symptoms after symptoms. By the time I went to the hospital they were all severe and was recommended for confinement. 

I figured no one should neglect their health and must have a health insurance at least. I was afraid of going to the hospital because of the expenses I should never do that. 

I was given muscle relaxant and have to cancel work errands today. I hope I’ll feel better. 

It’s the last day of my work tomorrow. What are your holiday plans?

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