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Do you want to get out of your maze?

I got this book last Thursday and yesterday I enjoyed the humid breeze and finished the book. I bought it because the poster says I should read it after the Who moved my cheese. 

It was short but it will let you re-evaluate your current beliefs. Is your life like a hamster running round its circle but keeps on ending up on the same place? 

This book made me realized that what we believed in pulls us back from our breakthrough. The cheese in the first book represent our comfort zone in any aspect of our life – a job, a partner, a hobby. One day it was gone and we found ourselves too stubborn not to move on and change something within ourselves. 

When Hope gave an apple to Hem, he thought he couldn’t it anything else but cheese. He even thought he would die after eating it. When we lost our jobs or decided a career shift we often thought that we couldn’t do anything else because we were used to do the same thing for a year or so. 

If we ended a relationship, we also thought that we could never find another person that will love us. We even stay in a relationship because of the same belief. 

The maze in these books are our life. It will always have dark corners and blind alley, but we do not need to be afraid because we never know that beyond those dark corners and blind alleys are greener pastures we have always dreamed of. 

I came to think about my life right now. What are my beliefs and am I stuck of a maze that I am not aware about? What should I do if I stumble upon a brick wall? 

The way out of the Maze

Out of the Maze by Spencer Johnson, M.D.
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Notice your beliefs. A belief is a thought that you trust is true. 

Don’t believe everything you think. Sometimes “facts” are just how you see things. 

Let go of what isn’t working. You can’t lunch a new quest with old baggage. 

Look outside the maze. Consider the unlikely – explore the impossible. 

Choose a new belief. Changing what you think doesn’t change who you are. 

There are no limits to what you can believe. You can do, experience, and enjoy a lot more than you think you can. 

Verbatim from the book. 

I hope we’ll be able to figure out how to get out of this maze.

Have courage. 


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