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No matter what I do, I will always find a way to write. There’s something missing if I missed a post (besides the fact that I will have a lot of backlog). 

Today I am writing about a magic product. LOL I got it from Hayan Korea, it’s been months since I last saw Mr. Nam, and he is a funny guy. He knew the Filipina market — we all want to be fair, not just fair but instant fair.

With Milky Dress Premium we can experience all the magic.



milky dress

The packaging looks simple and royal Maybe because of the font used and the gold accent.

milky dress_about

Luckily, there was an English translation of what the product is about and how to use it. The instruction  is pretty simple to follow.

milky dress_bottle

Inside the box you will find this uberly cute bottle. The shape is really cute as well, it looks like a sunblock.

milky dress swatch

The product is truly white and it smells amazing. It has a really thick consistency, but it’s easy to blend.

I asked my colleague if she could post the back of her hand (as it is really hard to capture the comparison myself).


You will instantly see the that her hand instantly brightens. It looks natural, not sticky, and it stays.

The good thing about Milky Dress is that while it give instantly bright, fair skin, it contains ingredients that will brighten up your skin over time.

The only downfall here is that if you plan to use this, you must use it on your entire body not just on the parts that will show on your outfit. And I am pretty sure this one bottle would not be enough.

I like to use it on my face to serve as a moisturizer and it gives a great glowing base for concealer no need for foundation, perfect for an everyday look.

It’s a bit pricey for PhP549 but it’s a cool product after all.


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