Law of Attraction: Vision Board 2021 – 2025

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Ever since I watched The Secrets, I became a believer in the law of attraction. I remember practising it while chasing a ride going to work, and it always saved me a seat so I won’t be late. 

Your mind is indeed powerful, and whatever thoughts you have manifest in your reality. As they always say, what your mind conceive, your body can achieve. 

I never did a vision board until 2019, when I attended a workshop for my former client. We started with meditation, visualizing how our 2020 will end. After that, we were given art materials and old magazines and started ripping off our vision photos. 

Since it was a workshop, I did it out of compliance. 

Vision Boards and the Law of Attraction

Months after I decided to create the actual vision board for my husband and me. Instead of ripping pages from the magazine, we scoured the internet for photos and printed ourselves. 

We placed it across our bedroom wall so that every morning we’ll see it. There are days that I can see my husband say hi to the photos we had in our vision. 

As for myself, it became a comforting space where whenever I wanted to change my mind and give up, it clears my mind knowing that those photos are the reason why I work hard every day. 

We’ve added around six goals to that vision board until the pandemic happens. Could you slow down, we thought? The only thing we had in mind was to survive – keep our jobs and pay our bills. 

In the most unexpected events, in July of 2020, my father-in-law gave his old car to us – one image we had in the center. We wanted to have our vehicle because of my event planning. Renting a van hurts each event’s profit, and if we have our own, I can drive, or he can drive for us. 

With the pandemic restrictions, we cannot travel to visit our families nor take our pets to the vet because TNVS does not allow pets most of the time. 

Come August 2020, and I found out I was pregnant. The image we both glued together. It must have been a miracle and perfect timing for us. If I remember vividly, I was looking at our vision board and asking about my career, “Is this what I am meant to do?” 

It was a 180-degree change of perspective and priorities for ourselves. 

Our 2021 – 2025 Vision Board


2020 soon came to an end, and I made sure I will have my vision board once again. This time no pressure. Instead of creating many goals for this year alone, I have mapped out a game plan. 

A plan that I believe doable. For the next five years, I have scattered goals that will help achieve the other. It is a hope of abundance and perseverance. 

We wanted to be stable before our little one starts schooling. Our strengths play a vital role in these goals that if we manifest in 2025, we will have them tangible our retiring years would be fruitful. 

Our goals revolve around family, pets, business, and career. 

Writing this now is part of my vision – inspiration. 

There are more unexpected things that will happen in the future, but we can always alter the roads we will take to reach our ultimate destination. 

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.
 – Gandhi

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