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2020 was fast! I remember the same time last year, I was planning how my life in 2020 will be. There were upcoming events in January and February, and poof, March turned it all around. 

I am still hopeful for 2021, I do not know, but it excites me; hence I even got myself planners, because I love them. 

Next year, I will be using three planners – BDJ Power Planner, BDJ Essential Planner, and the first time the one-liner journal. 

BDJ Power Planner

BDJ Power Planner 2021
2021 Belle de Jour Power Planner – Leather | Php 680

I started using the BDJ Power Planner in 2014. I like it because it has the layout and unique pages you need. You can touch base with the other Bellas and enjoy perks.

I skipped a year when I started bullet journaling, but one planner isn’t enough, right? 

Bdj Pp Page

For the 2021 edition, I love this particular page. It’s a fixer-upper and perfect for a year-end summary. You will still find the OG pages like the menstrual tracker, IKIGAI, 2021 Goals, and Dream Board. 

Bdj Pp Checklist

To be honest, I have not really maximized the pages because I am embarrassed about what I will write. This time around, I filled it in. 

No what-ifs, no buts. 

I am planning to use the BDJ Power Planner for my personal growth and reflection. I have used it as a master planner before, but design-wise, it is best to use it as a journal slash goal-setting slack raincheck kind of planner. 

BDJ Essential Planner

BDJ Essential Planner
2021 Essential Planner – Classic | Php 390

This will be my master to-do planner, as you can use it for Bullet Journaling. I usually get a plain dotted notebook, but I cannot calculate how many sheets I need for the year. I cannot create a monthly overview correctly. 

Essential Inside

With the essentials planner, you can still get the flexibility and creativity of a Bullet Journal. You can customize your week and use the prompts you have been using from your old bujo. 

Esential Inside 1

The dotted sheets make it easier to draw borders and boxes; use keys, and doodle cute stuff that you like. 

Passion 1 Line Journal

1 Liner
Passion Planner | Php 499

This planner is one of the exciting planners I am gonna try for next year. It is called 1 line, 365 days, 5 years. For the next five years, you will be documenting your days in one line. 

1 Liner Inside

I want to use it to document my motherhood journey and see how I will grow as a person while nurturing a human being. 

I also want to witness how the world will evolve in the next five years as we shifted to the “new normal” and pregnancy wave for next year. 

The new generation and the future

We may never know what will happen this year, but I encourage everyone to still look forward to new beginnings as it will surprise us one way the other. 

Planners seem to be superficial in keeping our shit together. Still, it documents our growth, aspirations, and dreams that we unhurriedly turning into reality. 

What’re your planners for 2021? 

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