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Maybelline Mascara Magnum Express

What’s up? I didn’t know that green and pink go well together. I like my doormat/photo background and I like the fact that this mascara I am sharing with you is the bomb. Actually, all Maybelline Mascaras, they have never disappointed me. Since I consumed two tubes of the hypercurl, this yellow tube got my attention. It was on sale when I purchased it, if I am right, it was the less PHP100 off promo.

Maybelline Mascara Magnum Express

The wand is quite different, the first half if full bristle while the other half is like no bristles at all. I figured out how to use it, the sparse side is used to apply the product and the full bristle is for spreading the product.

I like its dry formula, even if I sneeze while I applying it, it will never give me racoon eyes. It’s also nice for the bottom lashes too, the tip distributes enough product to accentuate the lower lashes.

Quezon City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 2/1/16

This is my normal lashes, long, but thin and straight. I almost do not have lower lashes.

Quezon City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 2/1/16

Voila! Full lashes in an instant. It does give more thickness compare to the hypercurl and I love them both.

Quezon City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 2/1/16

See? See?

Maybelline Mascaras are truly my holy grails.

What is your favorite mascara?

P.S. I used my phone again. Product testing for me is impromptu. Yay!

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