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I’ve been dying to have a brow mascara after my Revlon Brow Fantasy ran out. I was looking for a cheap yet good quality one and so far I think I found the one.


 Available in all Tony Moly Shop and Kiosk

Two Colors Available

I got #02 – Gray Brown because shade #01 is very light for my hair.

If you will look at the wand closely the other side has more bristles than the other one.

This is more of a coloring brow mascara and less of setting the brows. It is best when applied over a powder/pencil brow product. The brows look very natural when you used it alone.

I used this product in my last makeup look (see it here) and so far it gave a nice result.

Tony Moly come up with this product because a lot of their fan are looking for a product like this.

I am giving this product 4/5 simply because I haven’t tried the other brow mascara available in the market.

I might do a splurge versus save brow mascara edition in the future.


( + ) Reasonable Price

( +/- ) Available shades are suitable for Filipina with natural brunette hair color as well as colored treated one. I hope they’ll come up with Ash Gray or other shades of brown.

( +/- ) Not always available in kiosk at the department stores. You have to check the main shop IF there is one in the mall.

I am looking forward for a healthy relationship with this Brow Mascara in the next coming days. 😀

What’s the Brow Mascara you are using now? Please comment below the brand and its price or if you have reviewed it please include the link. I want to know other products like this. *winks*



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