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This must be my favorite month because it’s cold but waking up in the morning with weather could be very hard. I am not the person who prepares hot water first before taking a bath. Most of the time when I get off the bed I go straight to the shower.

Also preparing in the morning is tedious simply because right after shower you still have series of rituals before heading out of the house.

What if you woke up late? What ritual you will sacrifice just to squeeze everything in 15 minutes.

If you will ask me, I will give up washing my hair. Do not squint your eyes because I wash my hair everyday except during emergencies.

So if I cannot wash my hair there is product that does the trick but saves the time.


It’s the TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.


Dry Shampoo comes handy if there’s no water available or if you do not have time in the morning to wash your hair.

You simply spray the product all over your hair and style as usual. IMG_9488


It comes in an aerosol bottle.

I got this for Php280.00 at the Organic Store on Facebook. I bought this together with my Neutrogena Wave (which I will blog soon).

I’ve used it three times and the first time I used it I was really disappointed because it gave me white cast like I have dandruff and it’s very sticky.

I thought I will regret getting it but I gave it a second chance.

I used it in a damp hair.

Although it says waterless the product is more effective if I have damp hair. I can comb and style my hair easily.

And it smells nice and clean.

It doesn’t look greasy. It looks like you actually washed your hair.

But I do not advise to use this everyday. Product may cause build up on the scalp and develop dandruff.

If you are commuting every single day to run errands, it is still better to wash your hair.

Dry Shampoo is suitable for persons who cannot afford to wash their hair everyday, (for example if you are sick) and have no water available to wash your hair.

I just wish that this will be locally available in the market.

Who tried Dry Shampoo among you?

Let me know.


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