New Year, New Hairstyle: Digiperm at Envy Me Salon

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No one noticed that my hair is three inches shorter. This was my longest hair ever as the boyfriend wants a long hair. I avoided getting a trim for a year but my hair feels heavy. My worn out color makes it look dry plus I do not have time to dry my hair in the morning making it look more unruly through out the day.

Just this Sunday I was impulsive to trim my excess baggage but it seems my hair doesn’t agree with the new layers so I was thinking what to do…

I do not like my hair rebonded because I cannot tie my hair and it looks flat. I’ve always have my hair colored and/or highlighted.  My face is too big to have a sleek hairstyle so when I saw this deal in Groupon Philippines, I spent my half day thinking whether to have it curled or not.

I never liked the cold wave curls many girls are getting. It looks like a loose telephone wirings and so unnatural (only my opinion ladies, don’t get me wrong). I wanted digiperm instead because I will have an option to have a bigger bouncy curls.

The promo costs Php1,550 for a Digital Perming + Cellophane + Highlights, the procedure originally costs Php7,700 looking at the figures it’s a steal.

I am just praying that the stuff will take care of my hair. hahaha

This will be my first time to have a different hairstyle after years.

I will blog about my experience and the Salon of course. Meanwhile I will call up Envy me Salon in Galleria and schedule my digiperm!

*banana dance*

Now what would I do with my hair tools?


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